Organic Farm - Volterra, Tuscany

520 hectares

€ 4.900.000
Total surface:
5200000 mq
The organic farm covers about 520.00 hectares gathered in one body, partly along the River Cecina and partly in the hills above where the corporate headquarters and other buildings are also located.
The property is either in Pomarance and Volterra district.
The production is typical of the Pisan hills, with mainly cereals (durum wheat, soft wheat, oats, barley etc) in rotation with crops of forage and protein crops as well as industrial crops (sunflower, corn). These latest crops are grown in the flat lands of the valley floor where, if necessary, you can use the irrigation system, using the artesian wells that draw from the rich groundwater.
The flat soils are a minority with a total extension of 50 hectares of arable land and the possibility of irrigation.
The part of the portion of land bordering the river consists of Mediterranean maquis with prevalence of the typical essences (holm oak, arbutus, ash tree, broom etc and with the presence of juniper among the pine) which can be used alternatively as farm animals (cattle or other wild ruminants), after accommodation of old roads and paths to facilitate grazing animals and create firebreaks and roads service.
The remaining portion of wooded land is characterized by more developed vegetation with predominance of oak, Cerro, Holm oak, Flowering ash, Strawberry Tree good for cutting.
As mentioned above, except for some bushy areas, these surfaces can be used for the forest’s cutting; therefore it has been approved by the Mountain Community the plan cuts workforce that will bring an annual profit constant.
The soils in Gesseri, thanks to the climate, are well suited for viticulture and olive growing prior arrangement with special fences to prevent damage by animals.

The flat solis located in Volterra and Pomerance districts can be used for intensive cultivation such as maize and sunflower with excellent agronomic results, as happened in the past. This confirms the good soils structural characteristics that constantly need hydraulic arrangements appropriate to avoid stagnant water etc. For these crops, particularly corn the essential irrigation structures have been restructured.
The growing grapes take on considerable importance; they currently spread over 12 hectares which produce good organic red and white wine IGT Tuscany. The processing of grapes and aging wines take place in the modern cellars of about 420mq completely underground and placed near the villa. The production capacity of the company in recent years amounted to over 500 hectoliters.

There are two olive growing covering an area of about 2 hectares in very good vegetative and production conditions that produce the famous extra virgin olive organic oil.
The half new agricultural machineries, allow the company to be fully self-sufficient. It is composed by: 3 cingolate tractors with powers varying from 130 to 75 HP, 3 wheeled tractors with four-wheel drive with a power range between 210 and 70CV, 1 Laverda’s combine harvester 112AL model complete with 2 atomizers, spreaders, seeders, several plows, disc harrows and teeth, milling machines, several trucks and agricultural trailers.

The property includes a prefabricated concrete building with gable roof used for shelter the machinery, the tools and grain storage. there is also a barn which is a shed open on all sides used for storage of fodder and shelter equipment.

The farm has been converted to organic farming since 1994 and all its agricultural production is regularly and carefully controlled to get certified BIO. All company products either raw materials and processed products are also sampled and analyzed, either by the Certification Authority, by ARSIA and by the NAS of the Carabinieri.
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