The sale of luxury properties in Italy implies a different kind of work than the one needed for the trade of more common residential properties. The public to whom one refers is different; hence one must present offers in a detailed and particularly refined way. In order to find buyers that are [...]
Smart Living doesn’t just deal with the trade of residential properties; it also deals with one of a commercial kind. An example of this is the great winery in Liguria that we’re offering you today. It is located in La Spezia, at just a few kilometres from the renowned touristic [...]
Today, we’re addressing all the lovers of modernity, design and vanguard in the architectural and furniture sectors. Smart Living offers you a Loft in Borgo Pio (Rome) that is truly peculiar and unique in its kind. A finely renovated detached property, furbished with a modern style, at [...]
Are you looking for an agency that specialises in the sale of offices in Rome? You’re in the right place; Smart Living offers you a professional consultancy for the sale of your commercial enterprise and/or flat of offices not only in the capital, but also in all of the major cities of [...]
Smart Living is a huge real estate group that aims at finding the best properties in Italy and then offering them to its Clients. Not only this; this company has also followed some construction plans, from the design to the laying of the last brick. Great examples of this are these three [...]
Are you in need of a professional consultancy for the sale of offices? You’re definitely in the right place. Smart Living is a great estate group that deals in the trade of residential properties, facilities of great prestige and even commercial enterprise (among which, of course, offices) [...]
Today we’re in Pistoia, in the centre of beautiful Tuscany (a little northern from Florence), introducing you to a greatly prestigious property of the late medieval epoch. As you’ll know only too well by now, Smart Living is always concerned with finding unique properties in Italy, [...]
Smart Living is a huge estate group that plans and creates new constructions, sells luxurious and prestigious residential properties, and also offers offices and commercial businesses to potential buyers. You can refer to us for both the buying and the selling of such properties. Today, [...]
Smart Living, in collaboration with the RE/Max agency, offers you a marvellous ancient palace in Umbria, located at a few steps from Piazza del Popolo and the Dome. We’re in the council of Todi, beautiful and fascinating, a place that maintains alive the local medieval history and gives it [...]
Do you want to sell a luxury property in Italy and you don’t know whom to rely on? For great-prestige properties that imply a sensible investment, the ‘word-of-mouth’ with acquaintances simply won’t do… as also won’t do the work of some territorial estate [...]


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