Winery in Liguria, near the great touristic locations

Winery in Liguria at 10 km from La Spezia, with manor villa and farmstead for the hospitality enterprise.
Posted on 09 September 2015
We’re in La Spezia, Liguria (Northern Italy). As you know only too well, this nation is famous for the wine production of every region, with Liguria being one of the most appreciated among them. Today, Smart Living offers you a winery for sale in Liguria; an enormous 5 star resort, with which one can start a great and profitable hospitality/touristic enterprise.
We’re talking about a truly special property, just at a few kilometres from La Spezia and the famous Cinque Terre, Versilia and Golfo dei Poeti locations. This property complex was recently renovated and it consists of: a manor villa with swimming pool, a farmstead with 5 suites, a gym, a huge garden, 10 hectares of terrain, 6 of which are cultivated as vineyards for the production of excellent-quality wine.
As we were saying before, the construction’s structure and the position near the great touristic locations, invite one to take this path, i.e. the one of organising a hospitality enterprise within the farmstead. The garden and the large cultivated land around the property, enrich the whole thing. You could, perhaps, appreciate it even more by sipping some of the wine produced by those very plants.
Smart Living offers you the sale of this winery at La Spezia in Liguria. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact us to know more and resolve all of your questions.

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