Winery in La Spezia, Liguria; of a great potential.

Winery in Liguria with 5 stars beautiful suites and 10 hectares of land; a promising investment!
Posted on 18 November 2015
Smart Living doesn’t just deal with the trade of residential properties; it also deals with one of a commercial kind. An example of this is the great winery in Liguria that we’re offering you today. It is located in La Spezia, at just a few kilometres from the renowned touristic locations of Versilia and Cinque Terre.
This winery in Liguria includes: a manor villa with swimming pool, which could turn into a wonderful 5-stars touristic holding with five special suites and private gym; ten hectares of cultivable land (6 of which being cultivated with autochthone and biological vineyards); a newly built wine cellar and a tasting room. One should also evaluate this winery in Liguria for its hospitality potentials, as well as for its production of excellent wine: there aren’t any restrictions in regards to new constructions in loco; it is therefore possible to expand the property in order to obtain more suites or a great restaurant.
The location near the sea and these famous touristic localities, as well as the peculiarity of the vineyards and of the great green park surrounding the whole holding, are certainly some characteristics that shouldn’t be neglected in this definitely promising investment. Contact us to obtain further information regarding the winery in Liguria we’ve just talked about. Smart Living offers you only the best.


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