Villa in Pistoia: a very prestigious property

Villa in Pistoia; right in the middle of fabulous Tuscany, with a surface of 1500 m2 circa, plus a canonical complex.
Posted on 14 October 2015
Today we’re in Pistoia, in the centre of beautiful Tuscany (a little northern from Florence), introducing you to a greatly prestigious property of the late medieval epoch. As you’ll know only too well by now, Smart Living is always concerned with finding unique properties in Italy, located in the most beautiful zones of the country, in order to offer you some unmissable and unforgettable deals.
The villa in Pistoia that we want to tell you about today is located in S. Alessio and consists of 3 floors and 1 basement, for a total surface of 1500 m2 . Completing the property, there’s a canonical facility of 500 m2 circa that is used for the most part as a storage facility for farming tools. This is due to the fact that surrounding the villa in Pistoia raises a park with centennial trees on the one side, and a fertile terrain with varied crops on the other.
The villa in Pistoia isn’t inhabited today and isn’t, therefore, equipped with furniture. It presents itself in an optimal state and is well preserved. The three floors are divided as following: ground floor with dining room, kitchen, pantry, living room, accessories’ room and a very precious private chapel with frescos; first floors with bedrooms, utility rooms, three rooms with frescos and terrace; second floor with attic (destined to be used for inhabitable spaces). The property is completed by the basement, which is used as a storage-room/cellar.
For any further information regarding the villa in Pistoia “Sofia”, contact us! We’re at your disposition for any kind of property-consultancy.

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