Selling offices in Rome with a proactive approach

Selling offices in Rome: the price estimate, the potential and competition’s analysis, the promotion ad the launching on the market.
Posted on 04 November 2015
Are you looking for an agency that specialises in the sale of offices in Rome? You’re in the right place; Smart Living offers you a professional consultancy for the sale of your commercial enterprise and/or flat of offices not only in the capital, but also in all of the major cities of Italy.
Selling offices in Rome implies a different kind of work than the one needed for the sale of residential properties. In the former case, the buyer is an entrepreneur, a businessman that wants to start an enterprise or simply expanding the one he/she already owns. In the latter case, instead, one deals with private buyers; hence with a completely different course of actions.

The first action to be undertaken for the sale of offices in Rome is the one of estimating the price of the property in question, taking into consideration not only the structure itself, but also its location, its potential and the surrounding area. After having made such an estimate (by, also, taking into consideration any potential similar offers in the surrounding area), one must perform the launching on the market, and here begins the search for a potential client. How? Through adverts, direct calls, publicity, word-of-mouth, research work and reminders… Only with a proactive approach will one be able to sell offices in Rome in little time and by obtaining the desired sum for them.
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