Selling luxury properties in Italy. Rely on Smart Living

Selling luxury properties in Italy: the price estimate, the documentation and bureaucracy, the search for potential buyers.
Posted on 25 November 2015
The sale of luxury properties in Italy implies a different kind of work than the one needed for the trade of more common residential properties. The public to whom one refers is different; hence one must present offers in a detailed and particularly refined way. In order to find buyers that are interested in a great investment, it is necessary to perform very specific searches; the classic adverts on portals and magazines related to the sector just won’t be enough. Relying on a specialised agency might just be the right solution in order to sell luxury properties in Italy; to defend the property’s value and, most importantly, not to fall into bureaucratic mistakes… Turn to Smart Living.
Smart Living is an estate group that deals with the very sale of luxury properties in Italy, in the country’s most beautiful cities, by valorising your property in the best of ways or by searching for interested buyers. We’ll be able to give you useful suggestions for the right presentation of the property, for the estimate of a right price (based also on its potentiality and competition), for the verification of all the documents and whatnot. Not being alone is fundamental for such an important operation in your life, especially when there’s a lot of money ‘at stake’.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultancy; you’ll be able to speak directly with a collaborator of ours and get into the details regarding the sale of luxury properties in Italy.


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