Ancient palace in Todi, built in the year 1700 A.D.

Ancient palace in Umbria; from the medieval epoch, but equipped with all possible services.
Posted on 30 September 2015
Smart Living, in collaboration with the RE/Max agency, offers you a marvellous ancient palace in Umbria, located at a few steps from Piazza del Popolo and the Dome. We’re in the council of Todi, beautiful and fascinating, a place that maintains alive the local medieval history and gives it value in the best of ways. This ancient palace in Todi is just an extraordinary example of it; a property built in the year 1700 and that was recently renovated, made of 12 apartments and over 1300 m2 of commercial space.
What could this ancient palace in Umbria become? Using a bit of fantasy, it could be an extraordinary touristic complex, with hotel and shops (the panoramic position definitely plays in your favour, here.), or its space could be divided in order to obtain single separate apartments. At any rate, it would be a truly great investment.
Even though this is an ancient palace in Umbria, it is equipped with climate-system predisposition, new wooden fixtures with insulated glazing, attics with electric skylights, armoured doorways, autonomous heating, satellite T.V. and much more.  
Contact Smart Living’s staff to know more and to receive further information about the property that we’ve spoken about today.


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